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"Thank you for affording my son such a great experience given the circumstances of intense testing. You made him feel so comfortable.....Thank you!!"
Parent of a 15-year old boy
"I, too, appreciate your acknowledgement. Her Dad and I are both so proud of her. Finding you when we did was life-changing for all of us"
From the parent of a recent High School Graduate
"Thank you for attending the evaluation review meeting at our school. Your test results and analysis was integral to our team process, and I appreciated your input and suggestions. We are all pleased that our student is now eligible for specialized IEP services. Thank you again!"
From the teacher of a 10-year old patient
"CDN made it possible for our son to have the extra time needed to compensate for his slow processing. He has excelled in high school earning all A's except for a B in AP Physics in his senior year. His PSAT scores allowed him to be a National Merit Scholarship Commended student providing him with a good scholarship for college. Thank you CDN!"
From anonymous, grateful parents
"The report is fantastic...it is so well written, comprehensive, and paints such a clear picture. I feel so grateful and fortunate to have your help. In a brief amount of time, the doctor's report reads as if she has always known my child and does know what would be best for her. This is a gift she has and that she has shared with us. Thank you!"
Parents of a 10-year old patient
"We have been busy this year, and it started with your thorough evaluation of our daughter in April. At first, it was overwhelming, but we have sought out the recommendations in your report... Your evaluation has guided us through this "obstacle course" and has been referenced by many professionals. Again, thank you for your complete professionalism and thoroughness. Although we have much ahead, you've made impact in so many ways!"
Parents of a 12-year old patient
"As both a Special Education and Regular Education teacher for 21 years, I was impressed with the detailed and thorough Neuropsychological evaluation he received by Dr. Stasior. All of our questions about his attentional and cognitive abilities were answered. It was evident that the Child Development Network was not just a testing facility. They provided us with productive ways to communicate his strengths and weaknesses to his teachers. With the Child Development Network’s recommendations, we were able to develop a comprehensive and manageable Individual Educational Plan for our son. They have continually ensured that his needs are met and that the necessary services are put in place and provided at his school.

Two years ago, our son was well below grade level in most content areas. His weaknesses are steadily becoming his strengths: he is proud to read aloud and he made honor roll for the first time. He is currently at or above grade level expectations in all content areas. These results are from the hard work and long hours put in by our son, us, and the dedicated professionals at the Child Development Network"
Parents of a 6th grade patient
"We truly appreciate your support and guidance as we begin the journey of learning how to best support our son and guide him towards more success at school."
Parents of an 11-year old patient
"Just a quick note of thanks for all of your efforts on behalf of our son and our family. You did a terrific job of preparing us and providing is with an excellent report. We are fortunate to have you as part of our son's team"
Parents of an 8-year old patient
"Thank you so much for the ongoing support you and your excellent staff have given my family over the past few years. It is safe to say that without you, our daughter would most likely not have graduated from high school. Instead, she is entering college an enthusiastic freshman, has made a number of new friends that she enjoys spending time with, and was even awarded a 'surprise' scholarship at graduation recently from her school."
Parents of 3: ages 19, 17 and 14
"Amazing! I have already told 6 people about you!"
Parents of a 2-year old and a 4-year old