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Our Clinical Providers

The Child Development Network (CDN) is a multi-disciplinary team of pediatric health professionals working to help children, adolescents, and their families with concerns related to learning, behavior, and social-emotional development.

Jessica Leavell, Ph.D.
Pediatric Neuropsychologist
Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Leavell received her Doctoral degree in from Northeastern University in Boston and her Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.She is a Licensed Psychologist and Certified Health Services Provider.Dr. Leavell completed her post-doctoral fellowship in Neuropsychology at the Integrated Center for Child Development in Newton. Before that time she trained and worked for numerous years as a therapist specializing in pediatric mental health and development.


Dr. Leavell specializes in the assessment and ongoing clinical care of young children with autism and varied neurodevelopmental disorders.She also evaluates learning disorders, ADHD/executive dysfunction, and children with complex combinations of developmental and mental health concerns.In the past she has lectured frequently on addressing anxiety and mood regulation disorders in the school setting.

Services Provided

Dr. Leavell provides neuropsychological and neurodevelopmental assessments for young children as well as consultation for their parents, care-givers, and school system.She also provides ongoing developmental guidance and management for children with learning and developmental concerns.Additionally she is available to complete school program evaluations/observations and attend school meetings.She also consults regularly with other pediatric or mental health professionals.